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The Importance of Office Ergonomics

The Importance of Office Ergonomics

Joseph Coupal - Friday, May 25, 2018
Vida Chiropractic - Cervical Manipulation to treat back pain, Newark, NJ

There is a new saying going around that “sitting is the new smoking” and it is a problem that is affecting millions of Americans. How many of us sit all day for our 9-5 job? The vast majority of America is sitting more than 75% of the day. We wake up, drive to work, sit for 8 hours, drive back from work, then sit in front of the television in the same crunched posture. We, as Americans, are in a sitting epidemic. Human beings were not meant to sit this long. We develop our natural curvature of the spine as infants in three separate phases: keeping our heads up, crawling, and standing. The posture of sitting puts the most ligamentous stress on the spine, which over time will begin to reverse the normal curvatures of the spine. This will increase pain, tightness, and a slew of other symptoms including sciatica and potential gastrointestinal distress. Another big problem in today’s society is what we like to call “text neck”. Everyone has their head down looking at their smart phone now more than ever. This is another disastrous posture for your neck and natural curvature of the cervical spine. It can lead to headaches and tight muscles as well as arm pain, shoulder pain, and pinched nerves. Now we know what you are thinking. You know all of this is bad, but what can you do about it?

Well, we’re glad you asked. Let us raise awareness of correct posture, sitting up straight towards the edge of your chair, head up, shoulders back, and feet shoulder width apart flat on the floor. If you are sitting all day for your job, obtain an ergonomically correct chair or a lumbar support pillow to help out your lower back. Also, it is recommended to stand and take a walk/stretch once per hour of sitting. Place your computer screen at eye level to reduce bending your neck down. Standing desks are also a positive. The most important advice is just get up and move! Movement is life and the research states that only 30 minutes of exercise a day has countless benefits such as increased mood, decreased weight, increased energy, and overall better outlook on life. Remember, correcting your posture with proper ergonomics will take some effort but it will be worth it. Visiting a chiropractor to ensure proper spinal health and movement is an integral part of improving posture and increasing your quality of life.

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Neck Stretches to Alleviate Neck Pain

Neck Stretches to Alleviate Neck Pain

Joseph Coupal - Saturday, May 05, 2018
Vida Chiropractic  - Mobile Phone Text Neck

We’re here today to discuss a couple of home exercises and stretches you can do if you're suffering from any neck pain or discomfort.

A lot of us at our jobs are sitting all day at the computer with shoulders and neck bent forward and that's a really common problem in today’s society. So if you want to help yourself a little bit let us show you a couple stretches.

Range of motion stretches are relatively easy to do. You're just stretch your neck to one side to get the full range of motion and hold it for approximately 10 seconds. Go to the other side 10 seconds and get a good stretch.

There's your levator scapulae muscles on your shoulder. It attaches to your neck. You're going to bring your head down, you're going look towards your arm pit, you're just going to force you head toward your arm pit. Hold that for again for approximately 10 seconds. You can do the other side as well, neck down, look over pull.

Another really good exercise is called chin tucks. That's for your posture and your suboccipital muscles right up there at the base your neck. You're going to look forward straight ahead and all you're going to do is bring your chin in and tuck it. Don’t bend your neck. Hold that for about 10 seconds. If you want you can push it down a little bit. If you do that about 10 times with a 5 to 10 second hold a couple times a day that'll be really good for your neck posture.

So those are some things you can do at home for your neck pain. If you have any concerns you can come on in we'll take a look at your neck.